Lose weight the correct way

scale with measureHow to Lose Weight in a Month

Today, we know that in fact many developed countries have a high percentage of obesity rates. And according to the researchers, said that obesity has increased three-fold since 1980. And other research show since 2009, about 2 billion adults and 50 million children are obese. And the fact that each year its around 3 million people died because obesity, its included complications from diabetes, heart attack and cancer.

And After this, some facts which I will describe will probably make YOU shocked and even angry about Lose Weight.

WHEN you follow the conventional way How to Lose Weight by burning fat quickly in a month, with following the advice from fitness experts (such as drinking lots of water, exercise and even diet). But it turns out all the effort that you have made for many years been pointless and useless.

This “How to Weight Lose” Program will make you shocked even Outraged.

In brief explanation below, you will find the vicious lies about Lose Weight that the $21 billion health industry has been feeding you. Maybe they cannot make your Weight Loss, but it also make your poor health such as:

  1. Why does drinking 8 glasses of water every day is the fastest way to accelerate the aging process.
  2. Controversial reasons why diet with low-calorie foods guarantees you have a constant weight or even increase your weight. Although you work six, seven or eight times per week.
  3. Another reason why you must not exercise more than 30 minutes in one week because of the latest research proves that exercising more than it actually will decrease your metabolism and accelerate obesity.


Soon, you will be shown how the revolutionary method how to lose weight in a month, quickly and permanently burn fat on your body.

About this Weight Loss program, I think that it will make you confuse, why do we have to eat less healthy foods and eat more high-calorie foods to help us lose weight and live healthier? The most simple reason is when we try to diet and requires our bodies consume foods should we eat and do such as: eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and avoid fats, sugars and starches, it only makes our body’s metabolism does not adapt and as we know that the role of cells in our body is very important. And if the cell body has not friendly to us, not our weight increases, can be or even increase our metabolism and health will likely decline also when you try other programs.

Here scientific explanation about This Weight Loss Program in a month the following scientific explanations and theories will be explained why weight loss methods out of there so opposite of what we explain now and it’s also given on the no think diet review as well. The real reason why your weight hold steady or even cannot be decreased resulting from what you are doing against your thyroids functioning. Thyroid’s functioning is the most important role in the structuring your metabolism. Actually, thyroids functioning is developing the cells of your body, change the food you eat as fat into energy and set up the temperature your body state.

Apple, fork plate

And you have to remember that the thyroid is sensitive, because if the thyroids functioning is not as properly. And when you are advised eat fruit and vegetables that did not contain a lot of calories needed by your body, it causes the condition you will have unfit when running a diet method that is out of there. And other methods suggest to not consuming lot of fat and starch, but it is used as a source of calories which will be converted into energy that your body uses do other things in your body. And if this role is disturbed, then a lot of very important nutrients are not supplied to your thyroids functioning is needed properly in a program.

Therefore why many diet methods you had do not provide as what you want. And your weight is not reduced or even constant only. Now, we are making plans how to Lose Weight in 30 days you lose weight that it really different but very effective.